David’s Fair 2020 (dates)


The city of David starts the year in a very cheerful way, demonstrating at the top the best of the region with international, national and regional fairs and festivals. On this occasion we will tell you about a fair that is already underway: the Candelaria Fair. It is a badge of Panamanian tradition that is made annually between the months of January and February. Read on to learn about the itinerary and activities you can’t miss from this great event…

This window to the livestock of the country has opened a total of 61 times, for 61 consecutive years, without pause, growing and improving with the passing of time, to become the holiday that we know today as the Fair of the Candelaria. Although it is an inclusive event that welcomes people from all over, it is lived in a touristic and emblematic region of Panama: La Concepción, Bugaba district and Chiriquí province.

On January 24th the famous “Coronación de la Reina de la Candelaria” took place with the cocktail and ribbon cutting, at the opening of the fair that ends this February 2. We invite you to attend with your partner, friends and family this weekend, the agricultural, livestock, commercial, ecological and artisanal exhibitions. In addition, in these ten days of festival are appreciated the different musical approaches that are lived today, without neglecting the traditional, Symphony Orchestras and groups recognized for the delight of attendees of all ages are presented.

The handicrafts presented in the exhibitions come from different places in Central America and the livestock products are typical of the province. Remember that, the dry season is coming and the best plan in this time is a journey inland, to let yourself be touched by the immense diversity that lives and comes out on these dates. A cultural feast, is how we could define the Fair of David, for many years known as the “Bugaba Fair”.

Mechanical games for big and small, swimming pool, music, dancing, tastings of Panamanian cuisine, more than 100 amazing species of animals from recognized farms, awarding them, talents from all over the continent that expose their art, cultural exchange with the dairy cattle of Europe, by the farms: charolaise, Angus, Brangus, Simental, Simbra and Blonde D Aquitaine; is what you’re living right now for a few days. Do not miss the opportunity to live the experience and come to live the fair.

You are welcome to join the movement in the RRSS with the official labels #FeriaDeBugaba, #FeriaDeLaCandelaria and #FeriaDeLaCandelaria2020,and, enjoy the photographic record on the instagram account @Feriadelacandelaria,where daily first-hand material of this great event is published.

The Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA) shares an extensive list of fairs in Panama, other events that may interest you and we want to share only those that have not yet started this year so that you can dig a little deeper if any manage to capture your attention. Don’t forget that we are in the best season to celebrate and get the best energies to start the year:

Fairs in 2020

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