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Chun Pak is specialized in oriental cuisine, with creatively cooked seasonal produce for the creation of unique and unforgettable dining experiences.

It is one of our two restaurants in david,located inside the hotel. The highly qualified staff who take care of the care and care of the hotel guests, is also the one who is responsible for serving each dish at the table, taking orders and ensuring professional care for each family, couple or person who visits us.

Restaurante Chun Pak

The best experience of Chinese cuisine

The gastronomic style does not understand fashions and relies mainly on traditional Eastern cuisine with the belief that “it will always be fashionable to enjoy a traditional dish at the table”.

It has 2 zones; the restaurant and the bar. The first is a very quiet area with enough space between the tables to pass or chat quietly without others listening to what you say; an environment that provides the sense of privacy needed to enjoy a couple’s meal, business meeting or even an uninterrupted family outing for other diners.

The bar is a little more casual but maintains the style and modern décor, which has an open concept with wooden details, white walls and its main focal point: the round tables with rotating center.

Its menu is fixed, although some variations apply when you have seasonal products in inventory, to give a different and creative touch to the traditional dishes of oriental food. It has a simple section that has different dishes and tapas for chopping; as well as a selection of gourmet dishes to delight the most demanding palates who come in search of an exotic and differentiated experience. In the latter category stand out the following dishes: Tofu Conchuela, Spicy Fish Soup and Fried Bread.

In addition to delicious Oriental specialty dishes, Chun Pak features a variety of top-notch dishes at specific times.

Specialty in Oriental Food

CHIRIQUI is one of the most visited tourist spots in Panama, whether for a business trip, a family trip, tourists going in search of adventures or newly married couples enjoying their honeymoon. A curiosity in this region is that: it is very common to be Panamanian and not to know the beauties that the country contains, as in this case, the region of Chiriquí. However, if you have the opportunity to meet her, no matter if you are a tourist or resident, you will still get great surprises that will become wonderful experiences not to forget.

It is very common to find international food throughout Chiriquí, but we recommend that you do not leave without first trying our approach to oriental cuisine, in which we take care of the tradition and achieve the synergy of two cultures and two distant hemispheres of the world in a only plate of food.

Chun Pak’s Chinese food offers a shrimp fried Wan Ton and Chou fun combination, with excellent portions as well as the quality of its ingredients and flavor. We have a top chef from China and a kitchen team always focused on satisfying your diners.

Guest hours

Platillo Chun Pak

Lunch service (Chef’s special menu)

From 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. you can enjoy a personalized selection, chosen and improved every day by the chef, with fresh food.

Dinner service

To close the day, we offer a menu of international food that is served from 6:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at night.

Comida china en Chiriqui

Chun Pak specializes in traditional Chinese food where you can sample a variety of exquisite dishes, including classic fried rice and enjoy the professional service of hotel employees.

The menu features a range of over 200 dishes, ranging from traditional Chinese rice (fried), chow fun, chow mein, soups, vegetables, pork, beef, birds, chop suey, seafood, casseroles, drinks and of course gourmet dishes.

Composed of 3 different types of inputs: fries, Wanton Frito (filling of pork or shrimp) or spring rolls, also known as lumpias in other regions of the world.

Selection of rice dishes with different accompaniments, is a super fresh and fast option to enjoy the traditional dishes of oriental food.

It is a category of super colorful dishes and with a mixture of incredible flavors. Among which stands out the dish of “Rice Frito Yang Chow”.

A perfect sclatter to be able to continue eating afterwards especially if you want to order dessert; made of rice noodles that are flatter and wider than normal egg noodles, accompanied by different types of beef, pork or shellfish.

One of the weaknesses of Chinese food lovers; noodle soup. The touch is quite pleasant and with a strong and highlighting taste. You will find a variety of soups, Mi Fun, Wanton, Seafood, among others. Served with a bubble of smoke to give it the ultimate touch of flavor.

Perfect for lovers of the natural, it should be noted that these dishes are suitable for the consumption of vegetarians and vegans (ask for availability to staff at the time of order): Mapo Tofu, Tofu Conchuela, Peipa Tofu, among others.

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Shrimps, Soaked Prawns, Steamed Fish, Baked Hen, Beef with Mustard Leaves, Potato Appraisals, Roasted Pig, Sweetand ribs, Pork with Otoe, etc. A varied section of traditional oriental food in which you can spend hours deciding what provokes you.


Among the different types of chop suey you will find the classic that is only vegetables and a variety of accompaniments such as beef, pork, shrimp or with a combination of various types of meat.

Dishes of steamy pots that are served at the perfect time so that you can eat without burning or hurting yourself and still enjoy the sensation of steam and the smell of a hot meal.

Here you will find everything in detail about the most distinctive and exotic dishes of gourmet Chinese food, starting with a fried bread and ending with a seaweed salad that you can accompany with olive oil if you wish.

The presentation of the dishes is another of the hallmarks of Chun Pak. It is different in each of the dishes; white plate with a bell, smoke bubble, among others.

If you want to taste these wonderful dishes and try this gastronomic experience on a specific day, you can book a table by calling or number 775-1118 of the hotel; they will take care of heading you to the line responsible for the reservations.

If you want to give yourself a getaway or visit with friends and family, with an open concept without losing the intimate and quiet character. With a menu of traditional cuisine that does not exclude dishes of international consumption, with a very good value for money and with impeccable service. Whether ordering anything you need, as well as with the recommendation of food choice, Chun Pak staff is highly trained to cater to all your needs and guide you if you have any questions.

“It’s a great environment to go alone with family and friends. The most satisfying thing is the time with friends and family and the food to share.”

Chun Pak Chiriquí

Hotel City Plaza David, Panamá

Phone 775 11 88

Enjoy the best Chinese food from the restaurants in David at the City Plaza hotel in Panama.

In addition, you must know the food that is being prepared in the province of Chiriquí. Brunch fashion has been strengthened, but tradition in oriental cuisine is still intact, it was not going to be any less.

We all occasionally want a good plate of fried rice, a chop suey with pork, or a plate of bittersweet ribs. It is best to find a place that respects tradition and how to make these ancient dishes, and what better way to be prepared by a chef from China? Sweet, salty, sour, bittersweet, all flavors; That said, a table set. One of the advantages is that it has a spacious place, with lots of light, to enjoy the dishes full of color and flavor.

Its strongest point, anyway, is its staff, who take care of making you feel at home, serving each dish at the table and making each description with as much care and attention as possible.

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