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In our hotel, we offer several packages to our guests. These are focused so that you can get to know the best tourist places of Chiriqui. Each of these places we will exhibit are close to ourHotel in David Chiriqui,City Plaza Hotel & Suites.

Just over seventy kilometers from the Barú volcano, in the province of Chiriquí, surrounded by trails, lake beaches and expanses of incredible landscapes is the city of David, the same one that houses the four-star City Plaza David Hotel. An immense number of beautiful places, visited annually by millions of tourists from all over the world, are located in Panama City. Undoubtedly Chiriquí is one of the main provinces of Panama that houses these tourist sites recognized nationally and internationally for their beauty and natural origin.

The province of Chiriquí is full of beautiful landscapes, worthy of appearing on the cover of Viajes National Geographic. You don’t have to go a long way to find trails, beaches, lakes and hot springs. It will be very easy to be perplexed by the number of destinations so varied that Panama and its beloved province of Chiriquí offer us. And, even if it costs a little, we must believe, trust and be surprised by the fact that in a single province you can find everything, almost as if a little of all the wonders of the world come together to converge into a single territory.

With so much to see and know, it is very easy to get lost, so we want to offer you in an organized, updated and interactive way, a list with the best places to visit in Chiriquí in 2020; However, we want to tell you a little bit about the story that contains this magical province before, so that we get a little in context about what it means to visit Chiriquí. Feel free to click on any of the links that catch your eye. then you can go back here to continue reading, and if you already know Chiriquí’s story, you can skip the paragraph and go straight to the list of tourist spots

The limits of Chiriquí give directly to Costa Rica and the Pacific Ocean, which means, that, we will find a lot of water, coast and beach in this territory. In addition, to the north of Chiriquí we will find lands of higher height and the Barú Volcano National Park, named for the volcano that lives on the highest peak of Panama. Historically, it is known that by the 1700s, Panama City was not recognized by the central government, even though people important to the government and the world, resided in the territory. The creation and accreditation of the city is thanks to Juan Lopez de Sequeira and Francisco de Gama, considered to be the greatest intellectuals of Panama City. The city finally receives the recognition it deserves from the colonial government and is called “La Ermita San José de David”, in 1736.

According to ancient documents, the name of the city that we now know as “Panama City”, was the idea of the local natives of the territory. In addition, it was the North and South America stop; known as “Royal Trail” or, in English, “Royal Trail”. In the early 1900s, the province of Chiriquí used a railway system, created by Belisario Porras to accelerate the development of the province and the exploitation of mass-produced agricultural products. The railway ran 165 km and had its base of operations and main stations in Chiriquí and thus consolidated its importance as a commercial city for the western region of Panama.

In Chiriquí there are 2 main airports: The Enrique Malek International Airport, formerly called Campo David and the airport of Puerto Armuelles. Enrique Malek Airport served as an auxiliary for Camp Howard during World War II; hosting united states air force personnel, mostly dedicating the spaces to training and planning missions through the southeast Pacific coast, shaping the defense of the Panama Canal.

Now yes, we will show you a list of places to visit in this beautiful province and we hope not to leave anything out. The list is not listed in an order of importance, it is only listed so that you know and click on what most catches your attention…

Chiriqui Tourist Places

Lugares turisticos de Chiriqui
  • Barú Volcano National Park: an amazing experience to which, without a doubt, you must wear a good coat. This is one of the most important natural attractions for Panama and takes the most attention of tourists who visit it in the year. The Volcano Bar, is also known as “The Roof of Panama” because from its highest point you can see the Caribbean Sea and the South Sea, an impressive view that is worth seeing in person, rather than in photos. Geographically located in Bugaba and has a height of 3,475 m above sea level, it is the highest point of the Republic of Panama, so you must be well warm. You can go on this walk from Volcán or from Boquete. From Volcán you will take the trail only by walking, and from Boquete you can choose between walking or climbing in a 4X4 car. The walking tour lasts approximately 4 hours, while by car it will only take about 30 minutes. How to climb the Barú Volcano? A guide that contains measures to consider to climb the Volcano and if you want to know the updated costs to climb.
  • Cerro Punta: here you will find a cold climate and beautiful landscapes that are part of the famous “Highlands” of Panama including the highest point of our country: The Barú Volcano; which we have mentioned above. Here you will find viewpoints with stunning views and you can accompany the experience of delicious strawberries with cream or, take some pork (bags with mixed legumes) at a very economical price. Other activities you can do in Cerro Punta include trout fishing and ecological hiking.

Cerro Punta David
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  • Boquete: it is one of the places you can not miss if you visit the province that is a few minutes from the City of David. It also has a very pleasant climate, colder than warm, where we can find beautiful rooms to enjoy a coffee with export quality. In addition to knowing the great variety of flowers in the fair area it contains several gardens that are open to the public all year round. Other activities you can practice in Boquete: extreme sports like Canopy, skydiving and motorcycling.
  • Boca Chica: now it is the turn of the beaches, Chiriquí has beautiful beaches such as Boca Chica, Horconcito, Gavilla Beach among others; which are located in the district of San Lorenzo. This beach has calm, shallow waters and has ranchitos to be under the shade and restaurants all over the coast to eat sea food or, failing that, much of the international menu.
  • Los Estanques Agrotourism Project: a place to spend one or several unforgettable days, between both artificial and natural pools that come from an eye of water. You will find restaurants with a varied menu of trout that you can fish yourself in the ponds reserved for this activity, if you wish. This is a tourist project that is located in San Andrés, Bugaba.
  • Finca Dracula: If you are a fan of The Orquídias, you can not miss visiting the Finca Dracula. It is a Botanical Garden specialized in orchids and plants of the cloud forest located in the Highlands of Chiriquí. They have more than 2,000 species of Ordiquias

chiriqui tourism

  • Chiriquí Rivers: we have Macho de Monte, Gariché and other large rivers thanks to the region’s privileged hydrography. The Macho de Monte River is located in Cuesta de Piedra which is on the way to the Highlands. The Gariché River is in the Bugaba District; in both you can enjoy an afternoon with family and different cooking on the shore, resting in hammocks and surrounded by a very relaxing and at the same time fun atmosphere.
  • Gulf of Chiriquí: this gulf offers you the best scenarios to appreciate every sunrise and sunset. Visiting this gulf represents an excellent experience, refreshing and full of energy, accompanied by the archipelago of dry Islands, with 16 islands that you can visit. The 16 islands together are part of the Marine National Park, which is home to beaches with crystal clear waters and white sand.
  • Enrique Malek International Airport: flights to international sanders and more than 15 populations from all over Panama are operating from this airport. In addition to being a very important airport worldwide, it has an impressive history that is part of the written records of World War II. Only Air Panama and Copa Airlines operate on the airline. It is the second most modern airport in Panama, if you visit Chiriquí and have the opportunity to pass through this airport, take a moment to tour and get to know some of its spaces and its valuable history.
  • Take Care of David: David is located on a coastal plain in the province of Chiriquí, with a tropical climate dominated by the dry summer season (December to April) followed by a rainy winter (April to November). Here you will find Puerto Pedregal, the Paraid Islands, the thermal springs of San Carlitos, the Historical Museum “Julio Gómez” in San Pablo and the Tower of the Cathedral of David.

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In addition to the places, you should know the food that is being geden in the province of Chiriquí. They usually have breakfast with fried chicken and patacones; the food usually, is not distinguished by being cheap, a meal for two in a mid-range restaurant, with several dishes, surrounds 40$. Below is a list of the most common dishes you’ll find in Panama

  • Sancocho: is a dish that consumes nationally of soup with vegetables that is delicious when added “patio hen”. Panamanians recommend it as the best hangover remedy.

Sancocho in Chiriqui

  • Carimañola: can be used as a mouth opener or snack and it is a kind of croquette made from cassava, stuffed with meat and fried. Delicious.
  • Fried chicken: Panamanians eat a lot of fried chicken and usually leave it in a perfect, juicy and crunchy spot. They take it for breakfast with corn tortillas.
  • Mondongo: it is not the same as sancocho, in mondongo the guts of res are the base and is a dish very similar to the calluses to Madrid.
  • Patacones: green banana, crushed and fried. It is the typical accompaniment even for the delicious corvina ceviche.

Patacones in Chiriqui

  • Empanadas: another dish that serves as a snack and is usually stuffed with meat.
  • Seafood: from shrimp, lobster, but all fresh, from sea to plate.
  • Corn tortillas: nothing to do with other neighboring countries. In Panama these tortillas are thicker, they almost look like buns. Perfect at breakfast.
  • Rice with chicken: the typical dish they eat on Sundays when the family gathers around the table.
  • Beans: just visit a market to realize the importance this legume has on the Panamanian diet.
  • Scrapes: Panama-style ice cream. They sell them in carts on the street and are prepared at the moment with crushed ice, flavor syrup and condensed milk.

If you are traveling to Panama, you should take into account that here it is not uncommon for flights to depart before the hour; therefore you must arrive very punctual at the time indicated by the line with which you are going to fly. As soon as everyone has passed through the counter, he gets on the ship and takes off. Visiting the province of Chiriquí is a very good decision, you will find a wide variety of activities that will not allow you to get bored. It is not a very expensive place compared to other internationally renowned ones and you will bring very good memories to share. We invite you to visit these and many other places that Chiriquí has to offer, where you can not only do sightseeing in the city, but connect directly with nature, live our landscapes up close and breathe fresh air.

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